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B5 Bullet Planner

Make 2020 your best year yet thanks to the bullet planner. Created with over 1 year's worth of research and countless designs and prototypes, Scribbles That Matter, now brings you the planner that will make you wish you had this earlier in your life. We have taken the hassle away from planning and made it in the most convenient way possible so you can just plan!

  • 😍 BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE: How would you feel owning 2020 from start to finish? This planner takes introspection to a whole new level so you can evolve in 2020
  • πŸ‘Œ EASIER THAN BULLET JOURNALING: If bullet journaling feels overwhelming or a hassle, then this planner will make it even easier
  • ⌚ SAY GOODBYE TO WASTED HOURS: No more drawing up tables with rulers every single page, we have designed it so you can get straight to work i.e. planning your life
  • πŸ“– ALWAYS HAVE THIS AT HAND: Never miss a moment of inspiration thanks to an accompanying pen loop that will hold your pen for you. We know you will use this for a whole year so it’s built to last
  • πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ DESIGNED FOR BUSY PEOPLE: Whether you are running your own business or teaching a class, this planner helps you stay organized and get the ideas you have down at key moments so you don't forget


Type: Office Product