B5 Bullet Planner

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  • šŸ’“ CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT: Helps you create a clear vision for the year, break it down into monthly goals, and execute weekly by daily action. Designed by PhDs so you can uncover your best self and live life to your full potential by setting and achieving important goals in your personal and professional life.
  • šŸ•‘ INCREASE FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY: Helps you prioritise tasks so you can focus your energy on the important ones. 24 hour timeline will uncover when you are truly productive and when you are wasteful with time. You will uncover your daily routines in your first week and things will never be the same! Bye bye procrastination šŸ˜Ž
  • šŸ¤© BUILD GOOD HABITS AND FEEL FULFILLED: Practice daily gratitude, mindfulness or track workouts in dedicated spaces. Use blank pages to make trackers, e.g. wake up by 7am, meditation, reading, budget, sleeping on time, etc. People will be shocked by the new and organised YOU āœļø
  • šŸ“š PREMIUM QUALITY COVER TO COVER: Thousands of people use our planners cover to cover which is why they are built to last. Undated means you can start using it any time of the year, for 52 weeks with all the essentials such as penloop, multi-colour bookmarks, end pocket, elastic band, durable vegan leather, paper smooth as butter and plenty of empty pages to make your own.
  • ā³ LIFE-TESTED BY THOUSANDS OF FANS: For personal, work, business, fitness/weight loss, manifestation, bible study, academic/college notebook for women. You will not be disappointed šŸ„°
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B5 7 x 10Ā  17.8 x 25.4


Love this journal! Not only does it have everything the more expensive journals have, but it costs less and is so much cuter! 


I'm so glad I bought this journal over the others I was considering to start my bullet journal with. The pages are thick enough to use felt pens with, and nothing bleeds through. 


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